Starting a Survival Gardening Blog

There is no doubt that in the world today many people are worried about the possibility of disaster striking, whether that be natural or man-made. Prepping and survival gardening are becoming increasingly popular as people learn to become self-sufficient in an emergency. As an up-and-coming trend on the internet, now might be the time to start a survival gardening blog and get a name for yourself as an authority on the subject.

Essential Items for Blogging

Of course, the first thing you really need is a device on which to set up your blog. It’s surprisingly tricky to do this on a phone, so as a minimum, you really need an iPad. If you are on a limited budget, head over to, where you can purchase refurbished Apple products at a reasonable price. You can rest assured that they have been serviced by experienced technicians and even come with a warranty.

Other than your iPad from, you might wish to invest in recording equipment. Your blog articles will be much more trustworthy if you include photos or videos of your own survival garden, rather than using stock images, which are used on hundreds of other websites.

Hosting and Domain Names

You will need to find a hosting provider for your nature blog, and this requires some research. You might find a hosting package that looks very affordable, but you may discover that you have to pay extra for essentials such as email addresses, site security, and technical support.

It’s a similar story with domain names. They are typically sold on a yearly renewal basis, and the first year could be very cheap. But you then find that subsequent years have dramatically increased in price. Unfortunately, your hands are tied because you will have made a name for yourself under that domain and wouldn’t wish to start again. Always use your refurbished iPad from to ensure you find the best deals.

Blog Regularly

If you want to make a success of your blog, then you need to add new articles as often as you can to catch Google’s attention. Ideally, writing 2 or 3 per week is a manageable schedule. Don’t forget to allow extra time for social media interaction on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to increase your audience.

Survival gardening is undoubtedly an exciting niche subject, and this is the perfect time to start a blog.