Can food plants save the world?

We live in an uncertain world.

By all accounts our weather’s getting wilder, there’s talk of oil running short, and slowly but surely through our materialistic ways we are ruining our environment through pollution and chemical-heavy agriculture.

At the individual level, we may have a nagging feeling that there is something to be concerned about, but what can one person do?

I’d like to introduce a set of plants to you that I call survival food plants. Perennial plants that require very little care, are edible, tasty and nutritious, and keep coming back year after year. Plants that could be turned to in times of crisis.

Food plants for survival, Perennial plants in a survival food forest

Food plants can reduce our impact on the environment.

By learning about, and growing these plants we can feel secure that there’s always food in the backyard if we need it. By actually eating the plants we’ll also improve our nutrition – these plants are far more nutritious than anything you can buy in a supermarket. And by incorporating the growing and eating of these survival plants into our lifestyles we¬†are making a difference. If lots of us do it we just might save the world!

Welcome to my site. It’s my online version of a book where I share what I’ve learned about these survival plants after 20 years of growing and eating them.

On the main part of the site I’m offering profiles of 5 great examples of survival plants plus a lot of general information about these types of food plants and why we should grow them.

In the members area, you’ll have access to over 40 plant profiles sorted into useful lists plus more detailed information on how to grow and cook them. You can also share your experiences, recipes etc. with other members.

Enjoy the site & happy survival gardening!

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